Elkhorn Riding Adventures
Box 149   
Onanole, Manitoba R0J 1NO

The facility is located on the Elkhorn Resort Property bordering Riding Mountain National Park. On site are many amenities including a spa, family golf course and restaurant. The facility is just minutes from the Wasagaming town site.  The lakeside town has many shops to browse, restaurants, a marina and much more for the family to enjoy. The parkland provides many kilometers of trails for the horse owner to enjoy. There are many trails that are accessible right from the facility for those who do not wish to haul.

The Stable
The vision for the Stable from the beginning was to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. A manure handling system was installed underneath the stalls allowing all manure to be hauled off the property and composted.

Ventilation was a high priority in the stable. HRV’S (Heat Recovery Ventilators) were installed. HRV’s moderate the air exchange in the building, they bring in fresh air while at the same time expelling stale, humid air. A heat exchanger recovers the heat from the air being expelled and uses it to heat the air being brought into the building.  This is the first stable in Manitoba with this technology.

Fans and an air intake were also installed and at any time all the air in the building can be exchanged quickly and effectively.

Cameras are installed in the stable to ensure your horses safety at any time.

The Arena
The arena features a riding space of 85’x200’. The building is covered with a unique fabric paneled roof. This allows a relaxing natural light to filter through into the arena.

On the west side there are spectator stands.  There is an area for a band to set up and a PA system is installed and available for events. The facility can hold a function for as many as 1300 people and is available for rental.

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